Introduction to Neijing Medicine

The 3.5 hour Introduction to Neiijing Medicine sets the ground work for your journey into the classical realm of medicine. This is a basic course covering elements of how we as students and practitioners can approach the text, the importance of hermeneutics, setting the scene for key and common broad themes seen throughout the text and key principles that are required for all Neijing medical learning. This seminar will also introduce the basics of the Compass of the Jingluo and the medicine of the Lingshu Jing. Delivered by Dr. White this seminar is a pre-requisite for all forthcoming courses and seminars within the INR. The core content of this seminar revolves around the etymological study and clinical significance of the key principles found within the Huangdi Neijing.
  • Introduction to the text, how we approach learning classical medicine, and establishment of the importance of hermeneutics in scholarship. Here we will address the formation of the text, the Han synthesis, and other texts of influence.

  • An overview of the etymology and clinical relevance of key Neijing medical principles, including: Yīn 陰, Yáng 陽, Shùn 順, Nì 逆, Zhèng 正, Xié 邪, Bì 痺, Kuáng 狂, Shù 數, Zhì 治, Luan 亂, Lĭ 理, Tiáo/Diào 調, Ji 機, Shén 神, and Xing 形.

  • An introduction to the Compass of the Jingluo: conceptual study of acupuncture as presented in the Lingshu Jing. This section leads into the two part course "Compass of the Jingluo" as well as the Renying / Cunkou Pulse diagnosis seminar. It can also be studied as a stand alone section within this seminar.

  • 3 Videos

    This course is divided into 3 parts, with each video being approximately 1 hour long.

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    Once enrolled the .pdf notes are available for download.

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    Once complete feel free to contact the INR for questions and your certificate.

About the instructor

David White

Director: Institute of Neijing Research

Dr. David White is a classical Chinese medicine practitioner from Sydney, Australia. His passion for classical medicine began at an early stage in his life through studies in martial arts and philosophy. Dr. White's approach to clinical practice is rare, his methodologies in diagnosis and treatment stem from the textual lineage of the Huangdi Neijing (黃帝內經) and Yijingpai (醫經派) tradition. Dr. White founded the INR in 2012 and has been teaching acupuncture and Chinese medicine for over 20 years. 

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Neijing Medicine NOTES

    1. Introduction to Neijing Medicine PART ONE

    1. Introduction to Neijing Medicine PART TWO

    1. Introduction to Neijing Medicine PART THREE

About this course

  • $140.00
  • 4 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content