Institute of Neijing Research (INR) Training Program

Classical Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Theory and Practice of the Huangdi Neijing 黃帝內經

The INR Training Program in Neijing Medicine is a unique path available to those interested in studying, experiencing, and practicing classical acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The program is devised of a variety of seminars and workshops delivered online and face-to-face through the instruction and transmission by INR director Dr. David White. The INR Training Program is designed so that students are able to take the majority of the courses as individual entities or the entire course as a full program. It is recommended that students follow the sequence as seminars are added to the training module online.

The INR Approach

Classical Training, Online Training, Textual Archeology, and Scholarship

Our goal is to provide prospective students of the INR with both choice in study and a clear and direct step-by-step process to becoming classical practitioners in the INR lineage. Our approach is to clinically breakdown the Huangdi Neijing textual corpus and present it to you, the next generation. Each seminar has been meticulously designed to include foundational principles with clinical approaches. This study is not easy, however, with discipline, direction, and patience it is very rewarding.

The INR Program

An Overview of the Current INR Foundational Curriculum

The INR Program is designed as a complete training course in classical Neijing medicine. Each course can be taken as individual parts of the greater whole - not all courses will be immediately available.

An Introduction to Neijing Medicine

A 3 hour foundational overview of the key principles and approaches needed to start your studies in classical acupuncture. Here we look into the hermeneutics, textual approach, historical relevance, key principles and etymology, and begin our journey into the channels of the Lingshu Jing. This seminar is available to start now! Enrol HERE.

Renying / Cunkou Pulse Diagnosis

Renying : Cunkou Pulse Diagnosis is one of the more unique and rare pulse systems used in Chinese medicine today. Originating within the Huangdi Neijing and being the focus of more than 20 chapters throughout the entire textual corpus, Renying / Cunkou allows for correct directional patterned treatment of the Jing Mai (longitudinal patterned pathway movement). This seminar takes students through the origins of the pulse, the distinct expression of the Yin and Yang pulses at the wrist and neck, palpation methods and of course a core understanding of Renying and Cunkou imbalance ratios and subsequent treatment methodologies as outlined in the Zhongshi and Jingmai chapters of the Lingshu Jing. In addition some case study analysis will be discussed for clarity on how students can start to incorporate this method into their practice immediately. ENROL HERE

Zhen Mai: Classical Neijing Pulse Diagnosis.

Zhen Mai: Classical Neijing Pulse Diagnosis is another foundational seminar. This seminar is a must for anyone who wishes to seriously understand the complexities of pulse diagnosis as it was and still is applied within the classical texts. Students are taken through key passages of the Neijing Suwen and Lingshu in order to cover:

  • Pulse positioning, origins, and palpation.
  • Wrist pulse correspondence sites and forearm (Chi) diagnosis.
  • Seasonal pulse qualities of Xian, Guo, Mao, Shi, Ruan.
  • Ruling pulse qualities of Ji, Huan, Da, Xiao, Hua, and Se for the wu zang.
  • Sanbu Jiuhou.
  • Diagnosis by countenance / complexion.

The Renying / Cunkou pulse diagnosis short course blends well with this course as well. This enables participants to develop a complete foundational Neijing pulse diagnosis skill set. Advanced courses in pulse diagnosis and qualities will be added at later dates.

Guanzhen: Neijing Needling Methods of the Lingshu Jing

The Guanzhen seminar is a highly detailed flagship course dedicated to the needling techniques as presented within the Guanzhen chapter of the Lingshu Jing. This course will cover:

  • Neijing acupuncture approach.
  • Shen and Ji in acupuncture revised.
  • The Nine Needles (Jiuzhen)
  • The Nine Techniques.
  • The Twelve Regulations.
  • The Five Seasonal methods.
  • Additional needling strategies.
  • Pathological needling presentations. 

Naturally this online portion will be discussing the theoretical basis of this needling with detailed descriptions of the methods. A part of the course will be a demonstration of the needling methods. Face-to-face / live clinical seminars will be delivered in the near future at various locations around the globe, here students will be able to observe and practice these methods with the correct tools under proper guidance. The online portion of this seminar is available NOW!

Compass of the Jingluo Part 1: Western-Metal:

A classical study of the channel lines of the Lingshu Jing. This is part 1 of 6 where the foundations of pathway study are explored with clinical and advanced patho-mechanisms of each channel. Here we look at how to observe, diagnose, and appropriately treat the varying presentations as discussed in the text and practiced in the clinic. Available NOW!

Origins, Openings, and Transformations: Acupuncture points and regions in Neijing Medicine

Neijing Medicine has a unique approach to the selection of areas that may be treated by moxabustion, needling or other methods. This seminar will delve into how points and regions are selected, whether certain protocols can be established and the patho-mechanisms surrounding certain acupuncture "points". This seminar will cover the Lingshu Yuan Origins, the five Shu points, Qi paths and the Four seas, the Lower He-Sea, Back Shu, Luo-Bie, the 57 water points, and the 59 heat points. In addition we will visit some of the needling manipulations commonly used for non-channel specific disease. This seminar is scheduled for release in 2022.

Zang Fu within Neijing Medicine:

This is a shorter course on the role and lines in regards to Zang and Fu structure, disease, hierarchy, and treatment within the Huangdi Neijing. Due for release 2022

Disease Patho-Mechanisms in Neijing Medicine PART ONE:

Disease Patho-Mechanisms in Neijing Medicine form the core of understanding the various illnesses and presentations within the Neijing text corpus. Part one is a look into Neijing Suwen 31 through to 40 in detail, however other sections from multiple regions of the text are included for clarity and so students are able to link together their studies. Due for release 2022

Disease Patho-Mechanisms in Neijing Medicine PART TWO:

Taught as a continuation of part one above, Disease Patho-Mechanisms in Neijing Medicine part two is a focus on Neijing Suwen 41 through 48. As with part one additional components of Neijing medicine will be discussed in depth. Due for release 2022

Disease Patho-Mechanisms in Neijing Medicine PART THREE:

This comprehensive seminar delves deep into the disease presentations of the Lingshu Jing. As we study we go line by line through various chapters, breaking down the text with a distinct focus on clinical practicality. Gaining a complete understanding of the full spectrum of disease and illness in the Neijing will web all of the previous training modalities together. Due for release in 2022

Case Studies in Neijing Medicine

This seminar will go through a variety of case studies from Dr. White's two decades in private practice. Included will be case analysis from David Tai's 60 years of clinical practice.