Zhenmai: Neijing Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis is the cornerstone of Chinese medicine, whether one practices within the herbal or acupuncture schools. Allowing insight into the patho-physiological mechanisms of the body, pulse palpation develops a keen sense of direction, understanding, and required intervention in medicine. This seminar is considered foundational in Neijing pulse studies and focuses on a few key areas: seasonal pulse qualities that represent both health and illness, pulse positioning in the Neijing, pathological pulses of the 邪氣藏府病形 (Xieqi Cangfu Bingxing - Lingshu Chapter 4), the Sanbu Jiuhou (from the 三部九候論 - Suwen Chapter 20), and complexion diagnosis from various Lingshu chapters. Even though foundational, this seminar is not basic, and forms the clinical setting for many future advanced trainings in Neijing medicine.
  • Concise breakdown of the primary systems of Neijing pulse diagnosis, with clear instruction on key terminology and excerpts from the text.

  • A strong emphasis on the pathological pulses from the Lingshu Jing, with a focus on the specific Zang-Organ disease states for 急, 緩, 大, 小, 滑, and 澀 pulse presentations.

  • An overview of the unique adjunct diagnostic methods of the Neijing: Sanbu Jiuhou pulse palpation and complexion observation.

  • 10 Videos

    This course is divided into 10 videos that range from 30 to 75 minutes each. Each video section flows into the next.

  • 1 PDF

    Once enrolled the .pdf notes are available for download.

  • Support and Certificates

    Once complete feel free to contact the INR regarding questions, certification, and to join support forums.


  • David  White

    David White

    Director: Institute of Neijing Research

    Dr. David White is a classical Chinese medicine practitioner from Sydney, Australia. His passion for classical medicine began at an early stage in his life through studies in martial arts and philosophy. Dr. White's approach to clinical practice is rare, his methodologies in diagnosis and treatment stem from the textual lineage of the Huangdi Neijing (黃帝內經) and Yijingpai (醫經派) tradition. Dr. White founded the INR in 2012 and has been teaching acupuncture and Chinese medicine for over 20 years. 

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome and Notes!
    • Welcome!
    • Zhenmai Pulse Diagnosis Notes
  • 2
    • Zhenmai Online VIDEO One
  • 3
    Key Terminology and Origins of the Pulse
    • Zhenmai Online VIDEO TWO
  • 4
    Seasonal Pulse Qualities
    • Zhenmai Online VIDEO THREE
  • 5
    Neijing Pulse Positioning
    • Zhenmai Online VIDEO FOUR
  • 6
    Lingshu Pathological Pulses Part A
    • Zhenmai Online VIDEO FIVE
  • 7
    Lingshu Pathological Pulses Part B
    • Zhenmai Online VIDEO SIX
  • 8
    Lingshu Pathological Pulses Part C
    • Zhenmai Online VIDEO SEVEN
  • 9
    Lingshu Pathological Pulses Part D
    • Zhenmai Online VIDEO 8
  • 10
    San Bu Jiu Hou Introduction
    • Zhenmai Online VIDEO NINE
  • 11
    Complexion Diagnosis Introduction
    • Zhenmai Online VIDEO TEN