Classical Seasonal Methodology of the Huangdi Neijing

This 1.5 hour seminar is an in-depth exploration of one of the most unique time-based chapters of the entire Huangdi Neijing. The Taiyi Jiugong 太一九宮 of Lingshu Chapter 77 is an important treatise within the text that describes in clear detail the seasonal medical system of the Neijing. It is both foundational as the largest division of time – eight seasonal terms, and advanced as it provides a unique perspective of the pathological processes of the body. This seminar is designed for students or practitioners that are beginning their studies into Neijing Time, and can be undertaken as a stand alone course or along with the other Neijing Time seminars. As this is a theoretical seminar supplementary material on applications in line with INR methodology will be added at a later date. This seminar will cover: (1) Introductory theory of the methodology of the Taiyi Jiugong system, including the Taiyi, the Eight Winds and the Nine Palaces. (2) An exploration of the Eight Directions and how we can interpret them and the variations of the 24 seasonal nodes. (3) An in-depth discussion on Deficiency Wind, Annual Dew and Triple Deficiency with discussion of practical examples in order to establish concrete rationale for your clinical application.


Tyler Rowe

Guest Instructor

Dr Tyler Rowe is a classical Chinese Medicine practitioner from Melbourne, Australia. He studied Chinese martial arts since a young age which influenced him to later study Chinese Medicine and Feng Shui – Chinese Geomancy. He graduated with Bachelor Degrees in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine from Victoria University for more than 20 year ago where he also worked as a lecturer and clinical supervisor. Dr Rowe is a diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine and Instructor with ICEAM (Institute of Classics of East Asian Medicine) under Dr Arnaud Versluys, and has been studying with Dr David White and the Institute of Neijing Research since 2015. Dr Rowe’s specialty area of interest is Time in Chinese Classics.

Course curriculum

    1. Taiyi Jiugong: Nine Palaces of Great Unity

    1. Taiyi Jiugong Video 1/3

    1. Taiyi Jiugong Video 2/3

    1. Taiyi Jiugong Video 3/3

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