Stepping into a past-time and trying to gain insight into what once was is no easy feat. Some say it may be near impossible. Studying medicine is also a great task, however, to take the steps to re-imagine and then apply a medical system that was at its height over 2000 years ago makes this task immense. The Institute of Neijing Research (INR) is here as a guide. We hope through intense archeological investigation of key medical and cultural texts of an ancient society that we can educate students, practitioners, academics and patients of Chinese medicine. Delving into the classics of Pre-Han and Han China is a great endeavour that requires patience, persistence, co-operation and a mind-set to be able to immerse oneself deeply into a culture long gone. We are all students of this and we are all here to learn from one another in hope of successfully transmitting this knowledge to future generations.


Founded in 2012 in the wake of the classical medical renaissance currently within the field, the INR is directed by Dr. David White of Sydney, Australia. With over 20 years of study, teaching and practicing Chinese medicine, his focus on the Neijing as the concrete basis of all Eastern medicine is unwavering. With formal studies in Chinese thought, post-graduate research in medical anthropology, ethnography and epistemology, Dr White brings a wealth of knowledge to the INR programs and INR research projects. Dr. White is still a student, still learning, and aims to contribute his findings, both clinically and academically, to the INR and all of its participants. We hope, as a medical and educational institute, to strengthen the state of Chinese medicine around the globe through correct scholarly and clinical research into the classical texts of ancient China.
  • Scholarship

    Our goal is to deliver clear and well researched seminars based on years of scholarship within the Chinese medical community.

  • Practice

    We aim to always make our content practice based, so that students are able to immediately see the effectiveness of these time tested methodologies.

  • Tradition

    We will honour both the textual and family lineage of Neijing medicine. We will at all times teach and practice with respect and gratitude towards the medical tradition.