Seminars and Workshops

A distinct focus on classical clinical skills, pulse calibration, and needling methodologies.

Theoretical training builds the foundations upon which you will start your classical clinical practice. However, only through face-to-face training, clinical observation, and workshops can this medicine truly be transmitted and practiced in accordance with it's tradition. These seminars will be intensive and at least some core theoretical study will be required. For more information please see below...

Global Seminars & Workshops

Dr. White has been lecturing in Neijing acupuncture and Chinese medicine for 22 years, from teaching first year undergraduate students in acupuncture degrees in Sydney, to Masters students in Melbourne and a number of international workshops, including: Portland, OR, Kansas City, MO, San Diego, CA, London, UK, Shenzhen, PRC, Shanghai, PRC,  Sydney, NSW, Melbourne, VIC, Brisbane, QLD, and Nova Scotia, CA to name a few. If you would like to book David for a workshop or seminar in Neijing Functional Acupuncture, please email [email protected].

Live Seminars & Workshops

Next Seminar: Nova Scotia, October 2024